About us

The SC3L is a free service available to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Nebraska who are in need of assistance with a Master’s thesis, a PhD dissertation, or faculty/staff research. The desk is staffed 30-40 hours per week by advanced statistics graduate students who will work with you one-on-one to design experiments, conduct power analyses, summarize data, and conduct statistical analyses.

The SC3L does not provide assistance with homework, course projects, or comprehensive exams. We also do not provide SAS installations and cannot assist with course overrides.

Depending on the difficulty of your statistical analysis, please allow at least one week before receiving results. Allow more time during peak times of the semester (e.g. the week before Fall Break or Spring Break, and the weeks leading up to finals or graduation deadlines).

The SC3L is closed the week before classes start (for department orientation), during finals week and during all UNL student holidays/breaks.

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